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Situated on the outskirts of one of the great global cities, the vast Diamond Hangar at London Stansted Airport is XJet’s first European hub and one of the largest ‘VVIP’ facilities in the world.

The Hangar

Based North of the main airport, our vast hangar is unmissable from the runway, measuring 8,720 square metres (93,863 square feet) We are capable of housing any type of aircraft in today’s market. Our Hangar and Ramp can provide space for anything from Helicopters all the way up to the Antonov and anything in-between. Being one of the world’s largest hangar spaces, XJet proudly works with Diamond Hangar Aviation Hub to provide convenient hangar and ramp space to not only the corporate aviation community but also commercial airlines.

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Facilities & Services

With over 94,000 square feet of hangar space XJet runs all the Ground Handling Services at the purpose-built Diamond Hangar Aviation Hub. XJet features the ultimate in luxury with private Majlis Rooms, VVIP Lounges, Barista & Cocktail Bar, Crew Rest Areas & Fueling.

  • VVIP Majlis Lounges with private en-suite bathrooms
  • Luxurious Lounges
  • Private Security Screening Area
  • 90,000 Square feet of Climate Controlled Hangar
  • Playstation and VR headset / Games Rooms
  • Luxury Crew room with Sleeper Pods
  • Espresso & Cocktail Bar
  • 27 Parking XJet spaces available and more if required

General Manager

Paul Forster


XJET London has entered the most exciting phase in its growth since we began operations at London Stansted Airport in 2014, growing rapidly in service capabilities every day, striving to deliver exceptional results with the resounding support and dedication of our Leadership, Partners and Valued Clients.

Our committment has given us the opportunity to build on the amazing transformation inLondon and our XJET Global Brand. We place great value on building relationships across the world and continually growing from strength to strength.

Flight Support Concierge Manager

Katie Trundell


My role as Flight Support Concierge Manager isto guide, support, encourage and develop the XJet team with the respect and knowledge gained from my time within the aviation industry. The importance of enthusiasm, hard work and dedication is the key to success.

Continually promoting and maintaining the positive image of XJet to all partners, members and the community by collectively, as a team, working together to bring new ideas and inspiration to the business. Most importantly, providing the Seven Star Service that leads XJet Stansted to evolve to new levels.

Line Service Manager

Steven Clayden


As XJet London’s Line Ambassador Manager it is my role to attend to all the service needs of our dedicated Partners, Clients and Crew. I focus on the supervision of all technical services provided to the aircraft (fueling, towing, parking, positioning, etc.), while leading the Line Ambassadors to be productive and efficient in all aspects of the Line duties.

As a Manager, I work closely with airport security, safety and compliance teams to ensure my team are up to date on all processes and procedures. Knowing my team have the information, education, equipment and training they need to conduct their roles effectively gives our clients and crews the reassurance they need to know that we can confidently take care of them and their aircraft safely all the time, every time. We all value and provide exceptional customer service to anyone that visits us at our facility, always welcoming and ready for any request.

Our Local Partners

We build strong partnerships with the best in their fields to help bring you an unrivaled experience when joining us at XJet

  • Up & Away
  • FlightWorx
  • AEG Fuel
  • Vita Floris
  • Standsted Academy
  • Dapper Aviation
  • G4S Security
  • GUK

Technical Information

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Diamond Hangar,
Long Border Road,
London Stansted Airport,
CM24 1RE

E-mail: london@xjet.com

Phone: +44 1279 661570
24/7 Direct: +44.752.584.3020
Radio Frequency: X-JET STANSTED
Frequency: 131.585

AIRNIC: 129.625

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