An invincible vision

From start-up, to challenger brand,
to the world’s number-one
private aviation company

A true industry disruptor, XJet has built an invincible model, challenged the status quo and established a new benchmark for private aviation, bringing world-class service and facilities to the forefront. After almost two decades, we are still redefining the standards of excellence for private aviation, propelled by the Educo® model.

Replicating Success, Worldwide

From the US to the UK, and the UAE to the world – XJet has revolutionised private aviation by introducing an invincible business model, implementing exceptional service standards, and placing transparent economics and trust at the core of our operations.

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World-Class, Every Step of the Way

We don’t just follow best practice, we define it. Our state-of-the-art facilities, seven-star service, award-winning clubhouses, and meticulous attention to detail are fundamentals of the XJet experience. Simply put, world-class – it’s in our DNA.

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Putting Trust and Transparency Front and Centre

XJet has flipped the industry standard to focus on building lasting, trust-based relationships with our clients and giving our partners a vision that they can believe in.

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Powered by More

The XJet experience is personified by our team of partners – a passionate and ambitious group of XJetters, made of the right stuff and equipped with the drive and determination to reach their full potential, while doing what they love every day.

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Our World In Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, a thousand words can tell a story, and, at XJet, we write our own success stories every day.

The Next Chapter

New opportunities for
global expansion

After successfully selling our US and UK facilities in 2018 and 2019 respectively, we are now writing the next exciting chapter of the XJet success story. Having established our international headquarters in the UAE, we are perfectly positioned to identify and seek out new opportunities for global expansion.

Start-up Spirit, Global Outlook

Our climb changed the game, so wait until you see what we can achieve at cruising altitude. The sky is no longer the limit. Stay tuned!